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    Chlorophyll a Concentration - Fall(0)
    Chlorophyll a Concentration - Spring(1)
    Chlorophyll a Concentration - Summer(2)
    Chlorophyll a Concentration - Winter(3)
    Zooplankton Biomass - Fall(4)
    Zooplankton Biomass - Spring(5)
    Zooplankton Biomass - Summer(6)
    Zooplankton Biomass - Winter(7)
    Black Sea Bass - Adult, Fall, Relative Abundance(8)
    Black Sea Bass - Adult, Spring, Relative Abundance(9)
    Longfin Squid - Adult, Fall, Relative Abundance(10)
    Longfin Squid - Adult, Spring, Relative Abundance(11)
    Longfin Squid - Juvenile, Fall, Relative Abundance(12)
    Longfin Squid - Juvenile, Spring, Relative Abundance(13)
    Summer Flounder - Adult, Fall, Relative Abundance(14)
    Summer Flounder - Adult, Spring, Relative Abundance(15)
    Harbor Porpoise - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(16)
    Harbor Porpoise - Fall, Relative Abundance(17)
    Harbor Porpoise - Spring, Relative Abundance(18)
    Harbor Porpoise - Summer, Relative Abundance(19)
    Harbor Porpoise - Winter, Relative Abundance(20)
    Seabirds - Total Annual, Abundance Model(21)
    Seabirds - Fall, Abundance Model(22)
    Seabirds - Spring, Abundance Model(23)
    Seabirds – Summer, Abundance Model(24)
    Seabirds - Winter, Abundance Model(25)
    Northern Fulmar - Total Annual, Model Certainty(26)
    Northern Fulmar - Fall, Model Certainty(27)
    Northern Fulmar - Spring, Model Certainty(28)
    Northern Fulmar - Summer, Model Certainty(29)
    Northern Fulmar - Winter, Model Certainty(30)
    Northern Gannet - Total Annual, Model Certainty(31)
    Northern Gannet - Fall, Model Certainty(32)
    Northern Gannet - Spring, Model Certainty(33)
    Northern Gannet - Winter, Model Certainty(34)
    Pomarine Jaeger - Fall, Model Certainty(35)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Total Annual, Model Certainty(36)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Fall, Model Certainty(37)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Spring, Model Certainty(38)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Winter, Model Certainty(39)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Total Annual, Model Certainty(40)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Fall, Model Certainty(41)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Spring, Model Certainty(42)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Summer, Model Certainty(43)
    Seabirds - Total Annual, Diversity Model(44)
    Seabirds - Fall, Diversity Model(45)
    Seabirds - Spring, Diversity Model(46)
    Seabirds - Summer, Diversity Model(47)
    Seabirds - Winter, Diversity Model(48)
    Northern Fulmar - Total Annual, Relative Abundance Model(49)
    Northern Fulmar - Fall, Relative Abundance Model(50)
    Northern Fulmar - Spring, Relative Abundance Model(51)
    Northern Fulmar - Summer, Relative Abundance Model(52)
    Northern Fulmar - Winter, Relative Abundance Model(53)
    Northern Gannet - Total Annual, Relative Abundance Model(54)
    Northern Gannet - Fall, Relative Abundance Model(55)
    Northern Gannet - Spring, Relative Abundance Model(56)
    Northern Gannet - Summer, Relative Abundance Model(57)
    Northern Gannet - Winter, Relative Abundance Model(58)
    Pomarine Jaeger - Fall, Relative Abundance Model(59)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Total Annual, Relative Abundance Model(60)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Fall, Relative Abundance Model(61)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Spring, Relative Abundance Model(62)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Summer, Relative Abundance Model(63)
    Black-Legged Kittiwake - Winter, Relative Abundance Model(64)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Total Annual, Relative Abundance Model(65)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Fall, Relative Abundance Model(66)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Spring, Relative Abundance Model(67)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Summer, Relative Abundance Model(68)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Winter, Relative Abundance Model(69)
    Seabirds - Total Annual, Species Richness Model(70)
    Seabirds - Fall, Species Richness Model(71)
    Seabirds - Spring, Species Richness Model(72)
    Seabirds - Summer, Species Richness Model(73)
    Seabirds - Winter, Species Richness Model(74)
    Loggerhead Turtle - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(75)
    Loggerhead Turtle - Fall, Relative Abundance(76)
    Loggerhead Turtle - Spring, Relative Abundance(77)
    Loggerhead Turtle - Summer, Relative Abundance(78)
    Loggerhead Turtle - Winter, Relative Abundance(79)
    Sea Turtles - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(80)
    Sea Turtles - Fall, Relative Abundance(81)
    Sea Turtles - Spring, Relative Abundance(82)
    Sea Turtles - Summer, Relative Abundance(83)
    Sea Turtles - Winter, Relative Abundance(84)
    Endangered Baleen Whales - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(85)
    Endangered Baleen Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(86)
    Endangered Baleen Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(87)
    Endangered Baleen Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(88)
    Endangered Baleen Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(89)
    Fin Whales - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(90)
    Fin Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(91)
    Fin Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(92)
    Fin Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(93)
    Fin Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(94)
    Humpback Whales - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(95)
    Humpback Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(96)
    Humpback Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(97)
    Humpback Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(98)
    Humpback Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(99)
    Large Toothed Whales - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(100)
    Large Toothed Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(101)
    Large Toothed Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(102)
    Large Toothed Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(103)
    Large Toothed Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(104)
    North Atlantic Right Whales - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(105)
    North Atlantic Right Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(106)
    North Atlantic Right Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(107)
    North Atlantic Right Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(108)
    North Atlantic Right Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(109)
    Sperm Whales - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(110)
    Sperm Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(111)
    Sperm Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(112)
    Sperm Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(113)
    Sperm Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(114)
    Bottlenose Dolphin - Average Annual, Relative Abundance(115)
    Bottlenose Dolphin - Fall, Relative Abundance(116)
    Bottlenose Dolphin - Spring, Relative Abundance(117)
    Bottlenose Dolphin - Summer, Relative Abundance(118)
    Bottlenose Dolphin - Winter, Relative Abundance(119)
    Bottlenose Dolphin sightings in Western New York Bight - 2013(120)
    Humpback whale sightings in Western New York Bight - 2011 and 2012(121)
    Humpback Whale sightings in Western New York Bight - 2013(122)
    Corals and Sponges - Presence(123)
    Seabirds - Sample Locations(124)
    Bottlenose Dolphin sightings in Western New York Bight - 2012(125)
    Bottlenose Dolphin sightings in Western New York Bight - 2011(126)
    Humpback Whale sightings in Western New York Bight - 2012(127)
    Humpback Whale sightings in Western New York Bight - 2011(128)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Alcyonacea(129)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Alcyonacea, Gorgonian suborders(130)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Alcyonacea, Non-gorgonian suborders(131)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Pennatulacea(132)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Pennatulacea, Sessiliflorae suborder(133)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Pennatulacea, Subsessiliflorae suborder(134)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Scleractinia(135)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Scleractinia, Caryophyllidae family(136)
    Coral Habitat, predicted suitability - Scleractinia, Flabellidae family(137)
    Bottlenose dolphin sightings in Western New York Bight(138)
    Significant coastal fish & wildlife habitats - NYS Dept of State(139)
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