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Document Name:
    Block Canyon Photo Points(0)
    NY DOS Offshore Planning Area(1)
    Predicted Relative Abundance Label(2)
    Predicted Abundance (count) Label(3)
    Percent Slope Label(4)
    DOS Baseline Criteria(5)
    MARCO Canyon Priority Areas(6)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Fall, Relative Abundance Model(7)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Spring, Relative Abundance Model(8)
    Wilson's Storm Petrel - Summer, Relative Abundance Model(9)
    Sperm Whales - Fall, Relative Abundance(10)
    Sperm Whales - Spring, Relative Abundance(11)
    Sperm Whales - Summer, Relative Abundance(12)
    Sperm Whales - Winter, Relative Abundance(13)
    Summer Flounder - Adult, Fall, Relative Abundance(14)
    Summer Flounder - Adult, Spring, Relative Abundance(15)
    NY DOS Offshore Planning Area(16)
    Longline Fishing- Seasonal(17)
    Longline Fishing- Year Round(18)
    Hazardous waste disposal areas(20)
    Regulated airspace(21)
    Shipping lanes + Buffer (1 nm)(22)
    Coastal buffer (12 nm)(23)
    NYSDOS Risk Areas(24)
    Outside of Coastal Risk Assessment Study Area(25)
    Approved Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs(26)
    New York State Park(27)
    State and National Register of Historic Places(28)
    Hurricane Sandy Inundation(29)
    Development Class(30)
    NYC Bridges Tunnels(32)
    Rail Lines(33)
    NYC Subway Lines(34)
    Scour Critical Bridges(35)
    Power Plants(36)
    Electric Transmission Lines(37)
    Natural Gas Pipeline(38)
    Emergency Services(39)
    Health Services(40)
    Education Services(41)
    500 Year Flood Zone(42)
    100 Year Flood Zone(43)
    NY Rising Communities(44)
    NY Rising Community Assets(45)
    NYS Mask(46)
    NYSDOS Risk Areas(47)
    Hurricane Sandy Inundation(48)
    2013 Preliminary 500 Year Flood Zone(49)
    2013 Preliminary 100 Year Flood Zone(50)
    Hudson River Shoreline Type (2005)(52)
    Hudson River Ice Climatology (% of reported ice season days with ice)(55)
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